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 The show email is waynenjtoyshow@aol.com  phone is 973-768-6649, for complete detailed information and “buy it now” items log on to   www.waynenjtoyandcollectiblesshow.com  Join our face book page at https://www.facebook.com/WayneNJToyShow?ref=tn_tnmn   See photos at https://plus.google.com/photos/102704443809176869716/albums/5797683193273418801 See a video  by A. Das. Baron of Toy World Order here http://www.youtube.com/embed/YCUCvBmNQRY

Come to the show that has been on Travel Channel's "Toy Hunter" and where their picks are sold by Steve from that show.

 Rental proceeds help the Firehouse meet its ever rising cost of operation.


    Joe Verteri

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    •          David G. Hardy

    •          Had a GREAT time!! Picked up a ton of great monster figures and a " Phantom " " Captain Action " figure !!!! :D

    •          Edward Fox

    •          What an awesome show, all the vendors are cool, I left a little early from the Philly ComicCon to check out this show, I'm happy I did and so is my son, I’ll be back. Thanks everyone.

    •          Frank Amorelli

    •          Great show as always. We did great and met some awesome people!

    •          James Gambino

    •          I will be back!!  I’m looking forward to it as well. It’s a fun time

    •          Toni Koehler

    •          Great show! Thanks to patrons, fellow vendors, and of course Phil and Mike! Looking forward to 7/7/13!!

    •          Michael Blatherwick

    •          Another great show today! I'll be back next month with even more new stuff!

    •          Chris Kakas

    •          Thanks for letting me go! I can't wait to do it again. And hopefully bring some money! That place is bad for the wallet.

    •          Steve Schwartzman

    •          Great day at Wayne!

    •          Hercules Invictus

    •          By Zeus' beard! As always, the Wayne NJ Toy Show was awesome and we're looking forward to the next one!

    •          David G. Hardy

    Picked up a bunch of new monsters figures today at the Wayne Nj Toyshow !! Among them was this gorgeous " Side Show Toys " " Mask Of the Red Death " figure from " The Phantom Of the Opera . " starry the one and only Lon Chaney !

    •          Patrick Senatro

    •          Great show this past weekend!!!

    •          Kevin Pagano

    •          Awesome as always!

    Here is what people are saying about the show: 

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      What people are saying about The Wayne NJ Toy, Comic & Collectibles Show


      • "Just got back from the monthly Wayne NJ Toys and Collectibles Show up in Wayne... For being in a local firehouse and only charging $2 admission, I thought it was going to be lame... But it was probably the best toy show I've been to - and that includes the ones that cost $20 bucks and are at hotels... Majorly impressed and going back on 9/2 when they have their next one...”
      • As another note of support, my 16-year-old son and I started attending your shows a few months ago.   We loved the first show and thought that this would be a nice thing to do together once in a while.  By week four, we were itching to go again.  I thought for sure that this little show in a firehouse would surely get "stale" quick.  But there is a nice mix of new and old vendors every show.  It is nice to see the familiar faces of some of the regulars, while getting to see the inventory from new vendors. However, the most important thing is that in the fast-paced world were distractions cause fathers and sons to quickly drift apart, your monthly show has helped my son and I to remain connected.  The memories of the time the he and I are sharing now together will last a life time. Thanks and keep it up!
      • My son and I have really enjoyed your shows.  We have been talking about the show on the Hudson for some time and can't wait to go.  I think it is the friendly atmosphere, the nostalgia of the toys and the one-on-one personal interaction that makes your shows so special.  I built up a nice collection over the years off of Ebay, but lost interest a few years back because it all become so commercial and it just wasn't fun anymore.   I can honestly say that your shows have made it fun again! 

                   Thanks again and keep doing what you do.  It really is something special.


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